Sunday, February 18, 2007

Going to Bangalore again :(


Since my vacation is unfortunately over, I'm leaving for Bangalore tomorrow :(...Yeah, that means that I'll not be able to make posts frequently. Darn...I enjoyed so much here this time...I really don't wanna go :(...Sigh..Oh Well!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Major Corporations Wouldn't Like Me


This is somewhat random, but according to the Baltimore Sun, the average American spent over $100 dollars on Valentine's Day. A-asexuals don't spend that money, so for every one of us, that's a great deal of money that Hallmark or the florist doesn't get.

Not to mention the huge amount of advertising related to sex that any kind of asexual won't give a second thought to. If one in a hundred people really are asexual, then that's 1% of the population the advertiser won't reach.

Also, we don't buy condoms, or pregnancy test kits, or get tested for STDs, or purchase any sex-related merchandise, etc.

So anyway that's why I don't think a CEO would like me.

Valentine's Day: Amoeba Style!


Hmmm..Since it is Valentine's Day ( I'm a day late) and of course, I have nothing much to do today...LOL...Here's another interesting short article that I found on the Library of The Asexual Personals Website (

No joke. More and more people are becoming aware of this option and identity. Some may joke of not being able to understand or get along with the opposite sex and talk of giving up or "throwing in the towel".
Many attribute problems that occur in relationships to sexual relations, and although celibacy may cover this issue, what about those who feel no need or desire for sex?

"Sexual people's attractions tend to include the desire for sex whereas asexual desires tend toward other kinds of intimacy" explains The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN).
More commonly known as, AVEN provides a forum for asexual people and those unsure of their orientation a place to discuss and post questions about sexuality.
Asexual people can be aware of sexual desire however they are not motivated to act upon it.

In October of last year a study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that one in 100 adults is asexual (
Activists have even started to promote awareness by making T-shirts and pamphlets.

Asexuality seems to be making a name for itself in sexual orientation, just like homosexuality or heterosexuality. In no way does this suggest that asexual people do not find love or happiness, but it may suggest the possibility of finding a new level of intimacy and closeness to a special someone is possible without physicality.

For many, Valentine's Day is a romantic, sweet, mushy day in which sweethearts can express their love for one another with chocolates, flowers, dinner, and teddy bears holding hearts.

For some of us, however, Valentines Day is nothing but a dark, purely commercialized, sham of a holiday.
Those without a special someone, feel bitter feelings couples and anger at past relationships surface. Valentine's Day oftentimes becomes filled with questions and doubt. Why don't I have someone? Will I ever find that one person for me?

Well this year there is a question you may not have pondered before; Am I Asexual?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Asexuality as a Human Sexual Orientation


"Asexuality as a Human Sexual Orientation" is an interesting essay that caught my attention while browsing...Here is an excerpt from the essay:

Only in the past few years has the public in general accepted homosexuality and bisexuality as genuine sexual orientations (although debates over cause, morality, and status in society continue), but now another orientation is being proposed: asexuality. What is it, and is it really a sexual orientation, determined before birth like heterosexuality or homosexuality are now theorized to be? Traditionally, "asexual" referred to the reproduction of simplistic organisms (amoebas, primitive worms, fungi, etc.) or in humans to a lack of sexual organs or an inability to feel/act sexually due to disability or other condition. However, the new proposed definition for "asexual" presents it as a (human) sexual orientation, following that if heterosexuality is attraction to the opposite sex, homosexuality is attraction to the same sex, bisexuality is attraction to both, asexuality is attraction to neither sex. An exact definition has not been officially set, so most "experts" in the area reference AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network): "a person who does not experience sexual attraction."...(more)
The complete essay is available at:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

CNN Showbiz Tonight on Asexuality


I was browsing around this video sharing community called "YouTube"...They seem to be having a lot of short clips featuring Asexuality seen in real life! This video features three members of AVEN who appeared on CNN Showbiz Tonight on April 5, 2006.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Asexual: Making love to oneself


I found this very interesting poem on Asexual Love at It has been written by John Tansey, and is truly worth a read! :)
Asexual...Making Love to Oneself
I lie in bed,
wrists turned in
so to feel a warm hand upon my face,
a knee in my chest,
a long leg moving under me.

I dream
I am entwined,
one arm over my shoulder,
one moving slowly up my thigh.

Aroused from this dreamscape,
I find the hands
were, but, my own;

Having reached for someone
and felt only myself,
in this solitary touch,

I lie, stark-eyed in the dark,
while couples sleep, limb-locked
under the stars.

Haven taken advantage of myself,
I am blinded
by the emotional rape of the night.

Caught in the act by the same moon that,
watering lovers like flowers,
shone like a flashlight in my eyes,

Reflecting only shame,
I fold my limbs
into the fetal-pose of a child,

Swaddled in a blanket,
sensing the cold expanding darkness
I lie, lost
in the large lap of a queen-sized bed.

--John Tansey

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Queer Rights/Issues/Activism: Asexuality: the Sexuality You Probably Never Heard Of


I came across an excellent post on asexuality in the Queer Rights Blog. To see the blog post, please visit:
Queer Rights/Issues/Activism: Asexuality: the Sexuality You Probably Never Heard Of