Tuesday, March 6, 2007

When Will It All be Accepted?

A couple weeks ago I was discussing gay rights with someone who doesn't support them, and he asked "If being gay is accepted, what will be next?" I gave him the obvious answer, that being bisexual, transgender, and asexual will be accepted (possibly in that order). While this probably didn't make him feel more supportive of gay rights, it has me wondering how long it will be before people don't have to fit perfectly into an orientation's stereotype.

Right now it seems like most sexuals (most everyone really) is expected to have a high sex drive directed towards the opposite sex, but of course not everyone, or even every heterosexual, does. Some bisexuals might have a preference for one gender, so to label them with the word "bisexual," which most people associate with being equally attracted to both genders, also doesn't make sense. Basically, not only are not all people the same, not all heterosexuals are the same, nor are all homosexuals, bisexuals, or asexuals. I'm wondering when people will begin to tolerate people not fitting perfectly into a pre-determined set of specific orientations.

Homosexuality, though already acknowledged, is really just now starting to be accepted. Eventually, once people decide you actually can be attracted to the opposite sex or to the same sex, they'll hopefully accept the possibility that someone is attracted to both, and then that you can be attracted to neither. Considering how long it's taken us to get to the level of tolerance we're at now, that will take a great deal of time. After that though, maybe people will loosen definitions and disregard stereotypes, and be truly tolerant.

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