Saturday, March 10, 2007

Understanding Asexuality: From a Sexual to Other Sexuals

I know... It has been a really long time since I made a post... But *sigh*... College assignments and unreliable internet connection can't really be considered as favourable factors! :(. Anyway, I headed straight for AVEN after coming online after so many days and found this article... What's so unique about it is that it is a sexual person's point of view about asexuality and it has been written for other sexuals! Here's an excerpt:

A friend who rarely mentions sex has not had any in at least a decade. It has always seemed odd to me, but he is someone I really care for, and I accept him as he is. When I discovered the AVEN board, I put two and two together and got asexuality. I did not want to confront my friend over something he might not be comfortable talking about, but I did want to let him know that I was asexual-friendly. Unable to concoct a better plan, I sent a FYI e-mail to a dozen friends, letting them know that I was reading very interesting threads on the AVEN board. I even sent links to some of my favorites. My e-mail was not for the other eleven; it went to them so my friend would not think I was singling him out. He wrote back a few days later, saying he had looked over the board and found it fascinating. He also said he wished he had been born asexual, as that would have made his life easier. O.K., he is not asexual. Two days later I received e-mail from a different friend, one of the eleven. He said he had always suspected he was asexual...(more)

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Agent KGB said...

Oh, weird. I was literally just reading that a few minutes ago, maybe the same time you were. Nice to see you back.