Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Asexuality: Just a Phase?

Hmmm...I just came across this blog online. The author has given an excellent description about what asexuality really is :)...But, unfortunately, he says that asexuality may be just a "phase". This phase bit is something which I'm not being able to completely digest (Although yeah...it might just be a phase for some). He writes:

Asexuals are normal ppl they wait for right person, they lack desire for sex coz of lack of emotional involvement….Asexuality is not for whole life its not forever.

Read the complete blog at: http://o3.indiatimes.com/downtoearth/archive/2005/07/18/182242.aspx


Agent KGB said...

Maybe it's a phase for some people, but AVEN has a whole forum for older asexuals I thought, so it can't be "just a phase" for everyone I don't think.

Amoebageek said...

Yeah...Saying asexuality is "Just a Phase" is generalizing it a little too much.