Friday, January 19, 2007

I definitely am not the only one!

Since I have a lot of time at hand right now...I was browsing Wikipedia and came across this interesting bit of information...It seems many famous people, including Sir Isaac Newton were allegedly asexual. Here's the complete list from Wikipedia:

* Benjamin Banneker
* J.M. Barrie
* The Shivers (band)
* Jorge Luis Borges
* Emily Brontë
* George Washington Carver
* Emily Dickenson
* Paul Erdős
* Edward Gorey
* Adolph Hitler (VERY hard to believe!)
* Henry James
* Immanuel Kant
* T. E. Lawrence
* Christina of Sweden
* Isaac Newton
* Florence Nightingale
* Erik Satie, French pianist and composer
* Sun Ra, American jazz musician
* Nikola Tesla
* Samuel J. Tilden
* Simone Weil
* Hans Christian Andersen
* Jean Alexander
* Todd Fuller
* John Harvey Kellogg
* Morrissey
* Maximilien Robespierre, French Revolutionary
* Santos-Dumont - Inventor of the airplane
* The Wright brothers
* Friedrich Nietzsche
* Paula Poundstone - comedian
* Jimmy Koebel

Hmmm...Thats quite a long list I must say! But of course, all of them might not be asexual...I don't know why but I just am not being able to digest the fact that Adolph Hitler was asexual...Sigh...We'll never really know, will we?


Agent KGB said...

Hitler? I thought he had three mistresses or something. I guess we'll never know though. I'd never heard about any of these people being asexual before.

AmoebaGeek said...

He had three of them? Jesus! He's definitely not one of us! LOL!

Agent KGB said...

I checked and Wikipedia said they weren't all mistresses actually, my bad, he had a fiancée, a mistress, and a relationship with a niece. Still though ifhe was asexual he certainly took great measures to keep people from knowing. Maybe since they were killing gays he didn't want people to suspect he was gay, I don't know. But yeah I find it hard to believe he was asexual.

Noskcaj Llahsram said...

You should add the American weird fiction author Howard Phillips (H.P.)Lovecraft.

Ciao, N.L

Anonymous said...

Why is Michael Jackson not on the list?With his admiration of Peter Pan
and Neverland he is just one of us.