Sunday, January 28, 2007

No, We're Really Not Missing Anything

I just read this on the ABC website and I find it tremendously ridiculous.

"Sex is a fabulous, enormously pleasurable aspect of life. And your saying you don't miss it is like someone in a sense who's color blind saying, 'I don't miss color.' Of course, you don't miss what you've never had," Davidson said.
This completely ignoring the fact that some asexuals are not virgins. They have had sex, and they didn't think it was real fabulous. Ms. Davidson went on to say that:
"You might as well label yourself not curious, unadventurous, narrow-minded, blind to possibilities. That's what happens when you label yourself as sexually neutered."
First of all, I've never heard anyone use the term "sexually neutered" except her. Also, one might theoretically suggest that she is the close-minded one, in assuming that all people have to be sexual like her. Moreover, on the assumption that Ms. Davidson is straight, one has to wonder if she is narrow-minded about having sex with other women. She likely is, probably just because she is unadventurous and blind to possibilities.

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AmoebaGeek said...

Ms. Davidson needs to have her head examined for hole-in-the-head disease!